Spotlight On Business – Viking Heat Oil Burner Service

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce John Hoffmann, owner of Viking Heat Oil Burner Service and an authorized dealer of Amsoil Products. Hoffmann joined the Chamber a year ago, but has lived in Levittown for several years with his wife of 44 years, Bonnie. His mother of 96 years is living with them and he has two married daughters.

Hoffmann is a Veteran of both the Army and the Air Force and retired after 21 years.

Hoffmann formed Viking Heat in 1995 yet has been in the Oil Burner repair industry for over 31 years. Viking Heat is a full service COD oil burner repair and maintenance service. Hoffmann’s motto is to “Do for others as you would do for your own family”. He takes pride and integrity in his work and does it right the first time! He says that he wants to help people save money by keeping their system working more efficiently thus keeping families warm in winter and hot water running throughout the year.

Hoffmann says he doesn’t want to repeat himself, but he is emphatic about being a fair honest expert in his field and caring about his work and his customers.

Hoffmann’s other business is Amsoil, where he is a dealer. He has been selling and using Amsoil since 1979. In Hoffmann’s words “Amsoil is the first and best synthetic oils and lubricants on the market. I found Amsoil not only the best for my cars and engines, but the best synthetic oils and lubricants for cars, boats, lawn mowers, any engines and moving parts. One of the many unique benefits of Amsoil is they offer 3 different grades of motor oil, allowing consumers to choose the grade and price range they wish to use, and mileage between oil changes 3,000 to 25,000 miles. Amsoil is an international company with many products, and I proud to have my name associated with their products and company.”

Hoffmann can be contacted for Viking Heat Oil Burner service at 516-796-3953 and for those interested in Amsoil products his number is 516 236-6651. Hoffmann offers discounts to Levittown Chamber members.