Spotlight On Business – Matthew J. DeGregorio

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce Matthew J. DeGregorio, who has been a member of the chamber for three years. DeGregorio is an Air Force and Vietnam Veteran and is currently the Post Commander for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Levittown – Island Trees Post 9592 located at 55 Hickory Lane in Levittown.

DeGregorio was born in Brooklyn and relocated at an early age to Levittown where went through the Levittown school system and then enlisted in the United States Air Force receiving specialty as an Aircraft Maintenance and Crew Chief. He was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the 602nd Fighter Squadron (Commando) and was deployed to both Vietnam and Thailand. He is the recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal and other ribbons and citations.

DeGregorio is married to his wife Maryanne and they have three daughters and 5 grandchildren.

DeGregorio lives and breathes the VFW…so he wants people to understand who they are and hopes that more of an understanding will come from this interview.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America is a Non-Profit Veterans Service Organization whose mission is to foster camaraderie among United States Veterans of overseas conflicts and to serve our Veterans, the military and our communities and to advocate on behalf of all Veterans. The purpose of the Veterans of Foreign Wars is patriotic, historical, charitable and educational.

VFW Post 9592 has maintained true to its purpose and its mission since April of 1948 when a handful of World War Two Veterans and original pioneers of Levittown got together and were granted a charter to form a Post.

Today VFW Post 9592, led by DeGregorio is involved in many programs that support its mission. At anytime the members of the Post are out visiting our sick or wounded Veterans in hospitals, collecting and preparing packages containing needed items like toiletries and books to be sent to our troops in combat zones, assisting local military families, providing mentorship to local youth, marching in parades or providing a Color Guard for various civic and patriotic events, assisting local community organizations, collecting worn and damaged American Flags and providing for their proper disposal, communicating with local, state and national elected representatives in order to advocate for Veterans and much more. Any Veteran is welcomed to the Post to speak to the Post Service Officer to find out information about their benefits, Middle School and High School age children from the Levittown – Island Trees area are encouraged to participate in the VFW Youth Scholarship Programs. VFW Post 9592 also has a vibrant and active Auxiliary that is made up of certain family members of Veterans whose mission is to support the Veterans, the Post and its programs.

DeGregorio wants everyone to know that the goal of VFW Post 9592 is to move forward in collaboration with local businesses, fraternal, civic, community, religious and governmental organizations in order to build on the foundation of the past by trying new and innovative ways to fulfill its mission and purpose. VFW Post# 9592 has a lot to offer our returning warriors. Whether male or female, young or old, from today’s current wars, past wars or from small operations that many have forgotten, Post 9592 welcomes you and your families.

More information about Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9592 or how you can become a member, call (526) 579-4420 or visit their website at They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.VFW Post 9592’s regular meetings are always on the second Friday of each month at 8pm and the Auxiliary meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm.