Spotlight on Business – Christine Cacioppo

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce would like to introduce Christine Cacioppo who is working for Century 21 American Homes in Levittown.

Christine recently became a member of the Chamber of Commerce this year. Ms. Cacioppo has been successfully involved in Real Estate for eight years and it has become her passion. In a recent interview Christine said that “she love helping people buy their first house and enjoys seeing he look on their face when they realize.. THIS IS Going To Be My House. “ On the other side of coin, when she is trying to help people sell their home she finds it bittersweet because some of her clients are sad to sell and move away as they start a new chapter in their life but she gets a feeling of satisfaction when the home is sold and she sees the relief in the homeowner’s face that the home was sold.  On the personal side, Christine has been living in Levittown for the past 14 years with her husband Anthony and two dogs and two cats…… she is an animal lover…her personal goal is to become involved with an animal charity because “the little ones may need”.

Christine may be contacted for information on her mobile phone at 516-318-7809 and her email: [email protected]  

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