Newly Renovated Island Trees Public Library

The Levittown Chamber of Commerce was joined by local elected officials for a ribbon cutting to celebrate the newly renovated Island Trees Public Library on October 7, 2021. After years of waiting and planning, the new library opened its doors on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. The library began its construction in March 2020, the same week the pandemic began. In the midst of the pandemic, the library began its incredible journey, transforming from a series of old classrooms into a bright, inviting, 21st Century library that has doubled in size.

Michelle Young is the Director of the Island Trees Public Library. “Each day, when I enter the new library, I marvel at it—it is a traditional place filled with history and stories, and yet it is also a symbol of the future, of innovation, and a clear sign that the Island Trees community is not only growing but thriving. A new library holds the promise of great things to come, not only for those who walk through its doors today, but for all of those who will walk through its doors tomorrow. A great public library is an investment in your community’s future; it is a statement, a declaration if you will, about what you value and hold dear. As the Director, I am honored by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was given to me—to build the library! As a librarian and a lover of reading, ideas, and knowledge, this experience has been nothing less than a dream come true,” said Young.

The newly renovated library has everything anyone could ask for: a state-of-the-art audio visual system, a community room that can hold up to 300 people, study areas, oversized study pods that can hold up to six people, a new teen room, self check-out machines, a drive- thru book drop and even an outdoor patio.

And in case you didn’t know, the Island Trees Public Library is more than just books. Along with magazines, CDs, DVDs, video games, and Launch Pad tablets with pre-loaded educational games for children, they also loan out Wi-Fi hotspots, and even a telescope! They also offer over a dozen Museum Passes that patrons can check out (some are even available to print from home). Visit the Long Island Children’s Museum, the Intrepid, and more at NO cost. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Island Trees Public Library, now is the perfect time.

L-R: Island Trees Public Library Trustee Leslie Birne, Island Trees School Superintendant Dr. Charles Murphy, ITPL Trustee Vincent Formichelli, Levittown Chamber Member Ahmed Ahmed, Levittown Public Library Director & Levittown Chamber Board of Director Trina Reed, Levittown Chamber Board of Director Don Patane, Levittown Chamber Board of Director Louise Cassano, Levittown Chamber Member Mauro Cassano, Levittown Chamber Board of Director Gary Tarlov, Legislator John Ferretti, Assemblyman John Mikulin, Island Trees Public Library Director Michelle Young, ITPL Board President Loretta Fonseca, Hempstead Town Clerk Kate Murray, Levittown Chamber President Michael Levy, Former ITPL Director Michele Vacarelli, ITPL Trustee Greg Kelty, Former ITPL Director Frank McKenna, Seaford Trustee/Area 4 Representative Frank Scaparro, BOE President of ITSD Mike Rich and ITPL Trustee Catherine Manganiello.