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Arthur Radichio

89 Gate Lane Levittown New York 11756

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Phone: 516-827-9570

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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:


  1. Mitsubishi's Mr. Slim duct-less air conditioning and heating systems have proven to reduce energy costs (20-40%).
  2. Can replace traditional oil heating systems. The hyper heat model (FE) will heat down to -13 ° F ambient temperature and at 5° F will deliver 100% heating capacity up to 26 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The standard models will give 100% capacity down to 17° F and give around 75% capacity at 5 ° F.
  3. The Mr. Slim systems will increase comfort level dramatically, as conventional heating and cooling systems have what is called system lag and system overshoot. In the heating mode before you start to feel the heat, the room drops below the thermostat set point temperature which makes you feel cold, until the temperature starts to rise. As the temperature rises and the thermostat shuts off, there is still heat flowing from the convectors which forces the temperature above the set point which now you feel hot this is called overshoot. Between system lag and system overshoot a 4° F degree spread is quite common.
  4. The Mitsubishi duct-less units have what is called inverter technology which is a system that changes it's BTU output according to the needs of the room. Most of time the heating or cooling output temperature is very close to the room temperature. When a constant temperature is felt you feel much more comfortably than traditional window a/c, central a/c, and oil gas heating systems.
  5. We have been installing Mr. Slim units since early 80's. The product line has proven to be extremely reliable, quiet and efficient. The new outside condensing units are so quiet you hardly know when they are running.

A&R Technical will not only supply and install the highly acclaimed Mitsubishi ductless systems,
they will also bring an unsurpassed level and experience and education to your installation.

A&R Technical has installed over 100 Mr. Slim systems since the early 1980's (most after 2006) and has been a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor for a number of years. When a Diamond Contractor installs a Mr. Slim System all parts now have a seven year warranty.A&R not only sells and installs Mr. Slim systems, Arthur Radichio the President, principal installer and service technician; has been cooling and heating his home with Mr. Slim systems for the last six years. He not only knows the proper installation requirements but also firsthand day to day system operation. Art will survey your home and with your assistance determine the best locations and equipment for your needs, and if contracted will be on the job from start to finish.

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